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Secret Services (three parts). Part I. "Welcome to slavery"

Vladimir Krylovskiy,
the editor of the Russian Orthodox
journal "Rodnik" ("Spring"),

7314 21-st Ave, # 4-D
Brooklyn, NY, 11204
ph. (718) 256-8024

To whom it may concern

Dear Sir or Madam,
There are two documents below which I would like to suggest your attention. The information expounded in them is unique. It is very seldom people dare to speak in public on topics like this. The fear of all-powerful Secret Services stops them. Secret Services many times demonstrated their total impunity and irrepressible aspiration to come out of the public control. I am grateful the Lord who has helped me to get the better of that fear.
The first document contains my complaint upon American Secret Services. In 1996 I faxed that complaint to different American state and Human Rights organizations.
The heart of the matter came to one a very important question: "How is a man in democratic states protected against illicit persecuting by Secret Services?" Out of my own experience I can affirm that there have been no any answer to this question even in our days.
The second document presents a detail description of the monstrous method of bringing pressure upon a person, using, as far as I know, by Russian and American Secret Services. This method roughly violates the very basic human rights.
There are a lot of reasons to suppose that the Secret Services of all of the countries in the world are armed with this method. With publishing this in the Internet I appeal to the governments of the countries all over the world with the call to forbid their Secret Services using this misanthropic method which gives them unlimited possibilities by their own choice to manipulate any time with personality and health practically of any human-being.

W E L C O M E T O S L A V E R Y !

Secret services like darkness...

Human Rights Watch / Helsinki

Amnesty International

U.S.A. State Department

U.S.A. Senate. Intelligence Service Committee

House of Representatives. Intelligence
Service Committee

Vladimir Krylovskiy, an immigrant
from Moscow, father of three
underage children; in Russia -
a documentary film maker, screen
script writer and a journalist,
1961 65-th Street, # 2-A,
Brooklyn, NY 11204,
ph. (718) 256-8024

How is a man in the countries of developed democracy protected against illicit persecuting by Secret Service? In other words which legislative mechanism protects a citizen of a democratic state from tyranny of secret police, does impossible any illegal pressure upon him?

In the countries of the former Soviet block thousand of people asked themselves this question being while totalitarian regime absolutely unprotected. If а man, for example, was threatened by unknown persons or noticed that he was being shadowed, he could not complain neither to the court nor to a public prosecutor, nor to any other State Institution. Everywhere he would have been responded with the same answer: "All of this seems to you! You are under persecution mania complex!"

But what about this problem in a free democratic states?

In October 1992 our family arrived to Jacksonville Florida, and in a short time unknown persons started to suggest my co-operating with them. They accosted me in shops, in the street, introducing themselves as representatives of some commercial firm dealing with former soviet republics or any firm connected with TV (probably because of my profession). Amazing me, they told that it would be fine to co-operate with me, that they were interested in my "Russian experience". It was evidently that those unfamiliar people were aware about my biography very well and knew all of my city roads which were being talked about by my wife and me in our kitchen.

I supposed that there could be some people who were really interested in my "Russian experience". In Moscow I was an active participant of democratic processes taking place there. I was a member of informal club of voters, named "Democratic election" of Proletarian and Taganskiy districts of Moscow (election district with 550 thousand of population, where we the only organization trying to prevent the falsification of the election in 1989). While the election of 1990 I was the co-chairman of the club "Democratic election" of Taganskiy district of Moscow and empowered person of Vera Kriger, the coordinator of All-Russian democratic movement "Democratic Russia" (in 1991 her name was in the putschists' list of the persons who should be execute-shot). As a journalist I came out in informal newspapers, revealing KGB that it organized from above so called "democratic parties". From the end of 1990 until my leaving the country in October 1992 I gathered the material for the book of political murders in USSR I am working at now. Yes I had a lot to tell about Russia of 1989-1992. For that it was enough to invite me officially with a writ or even a telephone call (though, of course, a writ would have been better) to proper organization, where I would have been immediately arrived, and ask me all of the necessary questions. But not at all. They wanted to involve me in some clandestine relations, which would be out of any external control.

In October 1993 our family moved to New-York, where I started to be put upon mighty psychological pressure. Some strange things began to take place with my car parked in the street. Several times a week my wife and me found out with surprise that while the night somebody added an oil into the cars radiator (its level was much more higher than the day before), turned the sun screen perpendicularly, changed the position of steering wheel or replaced the driver's chair. All of these things had been done in such a deliberate way that it was impossible not to notice them. They were undoubtedly directed to demoralize me. It happened sometimes even in other part of the city, once we left our car for half an hour. They intimidated me with a total shadowing, demonstrating the might and allpermissibility of the certain structures.

My mail was inspected or didn't come at all, my correspondence was "lost" on its way, or important papers were missing out of it. In the street some people were doing their best to overhear my talks with my wife and my friend from San Francisco who on visit with us. And the overhearing began just near our porch what showed that an operative team was on duty permanently.

Meanwhile silent telephone calls were heard in my apartment. Sometimes it used to be that the person who was giving me a call let me understand that he was aware about some private details of my every day life.

Unknown persons accosted me in the street showing that they knew some details of my biography and the contents of the family talks in our place. It was evidently that they were trying to involve me in some covert unofficial relations at the same time showing that I was dealing with the state structures having unrestricted possibilities (in whose power would it be else to overhear one's telephone and apartment?)

When it was absolutely clear that I would never co-operate with any secret veiled organizations, a very interesting event took place. On March 5 1994 I fell ill with some strange disease, reminding a flue. There were no any symptoms except for a high temperature which exhausted very much lasting for three weeks. A heart arrhythmia arrived what had never taken place before. After that disease I was coming to myself during a half a year. "The interestness" of that disease lay in the fact that the day before I had been warned that something bad would occur with me the next day. After my falling ill strange telephone calls started being heard. It was as if the people who were giving me a call wanted more and more to let me understand that somehow or other they had been involved in my disease. At the end of March an unambiguous threat, though expressed in a veiled way was heard by phone: "It would be good to do some work, otherwise... you will be killed!"

On June 1994 a man gave me a call and introducing himself as the guidance counsel of my oldest son, suggested my coming to school. I was acquainted with the guidance counsel and not recognizing him be voice and feeling that it was something wrong with that call, went to school accompanied by my friend. When we came to school we found out that nobody had called me up. I think that if I had come to school alone I would have been accepted there, but it would have been not the guidance counsel at all to have a conversation with me (in USSR a person also used to be called, for example, to the personal department, and there was /as we say in Russia/ "a man in civil clothes" was waiting for him there).

In July 1994 I got a letter by mail in which out of the blue sky I was suggested to be inspected in regard to my disability. I had never declared anywhere that I considered myself to be disabled, but the letter put me on my alert not only because of that. There was no information in it saying what specific institution I had to come to for the doctor examination. Instead of usual detailed sender's address on the envelope a stingy number of P.O. BOX was printed. There was no, as it used to be in such cases, a telephone number I could call if I needed. There was no even signature. There was only the address where I had to come on August 17, 1994 at 11 o'clock. However, there was one interesting requirement that I had to come there alone. It was interesting that when t h e r e w e r e n o b o d y i n o u r a p a r t m e n t , somebody extracted the letter out of the general pack of my correspondence being on the shelf and moved it to the visible place as though by chance. Of course, I didn't go anywhere. There was no any more repeated call connected with determining of my disability. (That letter is attached).

I was persuading myself that everything would be good, that the people who were so fixedly interested in my person would not go further their threats and leave me alone.

Meanwhile, the pressure upon me was going on. Silent anonymous telephone calls, strange things with my car, overhearing my talks in the street, opening and inspection my correspondence took place as before.

In November 1995 I fell sick with the strange disease again. All my body ached, as if I had a very high temperature while it remained a normal one. Something depressed the action of the heart and activity of the central nervous system. A heart arrhythmia increased day by day called "a sinusoidal" one, as I was told afterwards by a doctor. Some general slowness appeared. It became difficult for me to speak. The face glowed. Unbearable glowing in the breast appeared, preventing me from thinking in a proper way. The salvia became to be bitter. In the morning it was viscous, and I was thirsty very much. All of that was very poignant and was like a torture. At the moment I was telling my wife about my strange indisposition, two silent telephone calls were heard. It became really frightfully.

I came to the decision to tell about everything to two former soviet dissidents, and told imprudently about this intention to my wife. It was difficult to believe, but in several days a heavy headache started (I had never had anything like that before). A little bit later there appeared a strange internal excitement (it was difficult to be precisely described) provoking insomnia. All of those symptoms could fully be taken as the symptoms of psychiatric disease what, from my point of view, was absolutely unsurprisingly. There are some people who, saving the honour of their uniform, would like simply to declare me to be crazy. It would have taken away all of the problems which could be provoked in a democratic country by a document like this. I would be not absolutely surprised if, for example, foam comes out of my mouth.

I am 58 and I have never in my life applied to a psychiatrist. I declare officially that any time I am ready to undergo any examination of psychiatrist. However, taking into consideration the possible pressure upon the doctors, it would be better to have a conflicting examination as well.

It was interesting that all of the symptoms of "strange" disease completely disappeared (except for the heart arrhythmia, which was going away rather slowly) as a result of medical cleaning starvation and hygienic cleaning procedures. It was known that both of them further taking out of human-being's organism substances injurious to health. I am leaving those symptoms to toxicologists.

I have heard that KGB used cigarette's smoke for similar "medical" pressure upon the soviet regime antagonists. It was enough to palm upon a man with a special cigarette or may be simply to fumigate him with its smoke. What happened to me in America? I don't know. I am leaving this to professionals.

I can accuse nobody, prove nothing - everything is indemonstrable and difficult to catch (as it was in Moscow when KGB persecuted me for my journalistic activity). However I am interesting in such a question. Is it possible in U.S.A. to carry out an unbiassed interdepartmental investigation in regard to illicit methods of pressure upon a person by a certain sate structures, which can be easily identified because of their unrestricted possibilities in overhearing his telephone and apartment, street shadowing, inspection of his correspondence?

I didn't want this story to be the possession of general public. In spite of the fact that I go through the immigration and get accustomed to the American way of life with some difficulties, I am deeply grateful to this country for giving shelter to my family and me. I would not like to discredit any state structures here. But what happens to me in America is a terrible edge.

The pressure upon me described above goes on. I apprehend danger for my health and life. My imprescriptible human-being's rights are violated.

How is a person in democratic countries can protect himself from forced recruiting by Secret Services?

Vladimir Kryolovskiy
April 12, 1996

Since then the address has been changed. The current address is as follows:
7314 21-st Ave, # 4-D
Brooklyn, NY,
ph. (718) 256-8024

Except for organizations numerated above, I faxed that complaint to the New York Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights and Center for Human Rights of U.N.O. I also faxed it to some U.S.A. and State Senators.
Except for U.S.A. State Department, there have been no any respond from all of the addressees I faxed my complaint to. However, I can not affirm that no one of them send me the respond. Probably they did, but their answers were "lost" on their way (particularly it concerns the Senators, who always respond any letters). As far as U.S.A. State Department is concerned, there was a call from them, and I was told courteously that they had nothing to do with the subject like that.

Unfortunately, the only remaining copy of this complaint was not dated, and I had to date it by memory. As a result of that there is some possible inexactitude approximately of several days. Moreover, the date on the complaint not always coincides with the day when one or other addressee received it. I faxed it to different addressees not on the same day.

I have two medical reports made by two independent American doctors, saying that in April 1996 I was really poisoned with organic phosphates (poison matter affecting the central nervous system of a human being).

At the end of May or, may be at the beginning of June 1996 was told literally as follows (word to word): "They have mixed you up, taken you not for the person you really are. However, you turned out to be a complete blunderer and faxed your complaint everywhere. As result of this there is the only way to correct the situation now. You have to visit a psychiatrist and let him diagnose you slightly. In five years it would be possible to remove this diagnosis, and the people who urge you now to do this will tell "Such a smart person he is!"

Living in America, I've encountered an interesting method using by American Secret Services in order to disavow dangerous witnesses. Out of the blue sky a person started feeling something wrong with his health. For example he feels heart ache while he has a very good heart. He visits a doctor and the latter tells him:
- You have a wonderful heart. There is no reason for any anxiety absolutely.
In some time the man visits that doctor again and complains of the heart ache again. The doctor tells him once again:
- There is nothing wrong with your heart. Take a look at the electrocardiogram. You have a bull's heart!
In some time the person visits the doctor in the third time, then in the fourth time, ten in the fifth one... At last there note in his medical chart appeared: "It is necessary to be examined by a psychiatrist". That is it! The man doesn't exist any more as a witness! Who will take into consideration a testimony by a person who is recommended "to be examined by a psychiatrist"?

Vladimir Krylovskiy
October 10, 2007.
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