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Disaster after Disaster

This is a thought that occur to me about our continuing chain of world crisis from food rationing, alternative oil, recession in our finances, pollution, etc, etc. The core to most of these problems we have today, in my opinion, is our growing human population. Think about it, we take more than we can give most of the time and it ends up with bad consequences. At the rate, we are going to be extinct a hell of a lot more faster if we don't start paying attention to  the world around us and see if we can create a healthy balance between all life and the planet we live on. What I'm trying to say here is that we don't have to suddenly move into the woods and live off the land, I just think that we need to let go of some of the traditional rules that were set into us and change some of the ways we are living. We can conserve and switch to more natural methods to help, that works but is it really helping like it should? The damage we've done is pretty severe in my case.

Another thing I wanna talk about is the topic of polygamy. I know this is gonna be touching to most of you so just bare with me, ok? I'm just as accepting as the next person when it comes to freedom of love and acceptance but I just can't help but see polygyny as a bad thing for our society. It's bad enough that we have to compensate for our next generation of a billion people but I see polygyny as fueling the fire; one man is impregnating more than he should. It may have been ok, like 4000 years ago but we are losing lands, food and drinking water here in our society. I just don't care if it's about tradition in other lands where it's legal; that kind of thing is making our situation worse. I think what people should really be looking at as an opinion for a more than one relationship is polyandry; keep in mind that I do not favor this for gender superiority reasons, it's more for a reason of our survival. Polyandry has proven to lower the population and it's light on finances too since there is more than one man to help take care of the bills, chores, housing, and importantly the wife. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I've heard it before: polyandry is too hard on men, well, so is polygyny on women, it's just that men seem to bitch more about living with more men with only one wife. I think it just really pisses off people that are "supposedly" monogamous in a relationship even though most of these kind of people divorce more which really makes no sense to me.

What you do guys think about this?
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