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Copied from my post on Ujournal's 'have_your_say'

My stand on this debate isnt very strong, so i could possibly be swayed to the other side if a
good debater comes along.

But from first thinking and considering this week, i have decided that it seems logically to make marijuana legal.
For a couple of reasons.
Marijuana is probably (i have no stats to back this up) the most used illegal drug. Many people use it. Alot of those people for social reasons. When we think marijuana usage alot of us tend to imagine a young druggo or something, but this isnt the case. Older people use it as well, and there are not that many people addicted to the drug compared to how many use it. Alot of people that use marijuana are usually good citizens that follow the law and have jobs or even a family.
Society uses marijuana, and society wants it. It is obvious that while it is illegal people are still getting it.
By it being illegal we are creating more problems.
The Government (tax payers) money are being spent on trying to keep marijuana out of our state/country. What good is it doing? None.
Our money would be better spent on creating a better place to live. Their are so many issues or problems around the world that our money could help solve, lets use it on that instead of arresting marijuana users.
Marijuana is not worse then alcohol or tobacco. If you insist on banning marijuana, then i insist you ban alcohol and tobacco as well. It wont happen.
Of course there should be some guidelines with the usage of marijuana. It should be an adult only drug (like alcohol), so age limits. And just like alcohol again, must not be used while driving, in a work environment and not in public.
I think thats about it.
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