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We Need to Take Action to Prevent War with Iran

We need to take urgent action to prevent a war on Iran. Today, the Senate will probably vote on a bill that would ruin ongoing European negotiations with Iran. These negotiations are designed to avert war, and they have had several break-throughs lately.

The Senate could vote today, though, to increase sanctions both on Iran and on our European allies who trade with Iran. It also would support "regime change" by funding groups who want to take-over the government in Iran. This would be extremely provocative and probably lead Iran to withdraw from negotiations, paving the way for another disastrous war.

Go here to take action:

Negotiations with Iran are an alternative to war supported by a majority of Americans. Iran has hinted that it would be willing to suspend uranium enrichment during talks.

The Iranians are actually within their rights to enrich uranium under the Non-Proliferation Treaty. It is being monitored by expert inspectors. Iran says it is for peaceful nuclear power rather than a nuclear bomb. Even if they are lying, the CIA says they are five to ten years away from being capable of producing a bomb.

Now is the time for peaceful discussion and negotiation, not war.

Take action today!
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