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have_your_say's Journal

Speak Out
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This community is for people who want to share their opinions on certain topics. These topics will be chosen once every week to two weeks (depending on level of interest) by the maintainer. During that time it's up to the members to post their opinions and debate the opinions of others. If you have a topic suggestion, please feel free to comment on my journal (aettrynecyssan) or contact me through IM or e-mail. This is very flexible and suggestions are appreciated.

For the sake of people genuinely interested in this community, I would like to keep it active and fun. Please don't join and never post anything or you will be removed.

Have fun with this and contact me with any questions!


Based on have_your_say on uJournal.

Current Topic: Marijuana: Should it be Legalized??
Topic Ends: May 26th